New Human Vibration Applet

New cost-efficient way to add human vibration measurement and analysis to your existing BK Connect setup

In 2018, a new concept was introduced for BK Connect.  The BK Connect® Applets are specific tools for your specific tasks. You only buy a specific functionality in BK Connect but allow the user to become part of the full BK Connect ecosystem. We are now extending the applet offering by introducing the Human Vibration Measurement and Analysis Applet Type -8490-E-N-SYS conforming to ISO 2631 and ISO 5349 international standards.  

The new Human Vibration Applet focuses on the aspects of human vibration that are of interest from an occupational health and safety perspective: whole body and hand-arm vibration. Whole-body vibration is transmitted to the entire body, mainly through a supporting surface (such as a floor, seat, back rest, etc.). Prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration can cause permanent physical damage or disturb the nervous system. Hand-arm vibration is experienced through the hand and arm. Daily exposure to hand-arm vibration over a number of years can cause permanent physical damage, such as what is commonly known as vibration white finger, or damage to the joints and muscles of the wrist and/or elbow. 

The applet includes seven distinct set-ups for different measurements requiring specific types of analysis for calculating the MTVV (Maximum Transient Vibration Value), VTV (Vibration Total Value) and VDV (Vibration Dose Value).  The outputs also include Peak Level, RMS Level, Overall level vs time, FFT and FFT vs time, so engineers can do further analysis on the device under test.  

  1. Whole Body Motion Sickness
  2. Whole Body Seat Surface with Backrest
  3. Whole Body Comfort

    − Seat Person
    − Standing Person
    − Recumbent Person
    − Building Vibration

  4. Hand Arm

This applet and the other existing applets can be used by any customers with the necessary, standard BK Connect license to use the template the applet was created from.  For this new Human Vibration Applet, the base Data Viewer (Type 8400), Hardware Setup (Type 8401), Data Processing (Type 8403) and Advanced Frequency Analysis option (Type 8405-B) licenses are required.   

Depending on your needs, you can now choose between the standard LAN-XI hardware solution or the new 4-channel LAN-XI Light version. Both deliver the raw power and reliability you need, but now with more options to meet your requirements for capabilities and price. When this applet is coupled with any LAN-XI hardware, you have a system designed to get the job done. 

BK Connect Applets – Specific tools for specific tasks!

Get the power of BK Connect sound and vibration software with stand-alone applets tailored for the job. 

Coupled with our new LAN-XI Light hardware, it’s the perfect solution at a scale and price that works for you.