Artículo NVH

Introducing VSound

In-vehicle Virtual NVH Prototype Evaluation System

VSound™ Type 3115 is a vehicle sound‐generating system – from both interior and exterior perspectives – that enables virtual NVH prototype evaluation in the context of a real vehicle, without the need for a PC in the vehicle. This system can be used to evaluate targets, candidate sounds and sound delivery strategies for real vehicles, for demonstrations and for final sign-off by senior management.

VSound delivers exceptionally high‐quality audio signals – from complete engine sounds to simple looped sounds – using audio algorithms similar to those used by the Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator. To control the sound output, VSound uses vehicle parameters such as throttle, rpm and speed from the CAN‐bus system. The multi‐channel digital signal processor in the VSound system can be used to provide synchronized signals for speakers or other dynamic actuators and simultaneously generate independent sounds both inside and outside the vehicle.

Seamlessly integrated with the NVH Simulator’s Desktop Simulator and Exterior Sound Simulator, VSound is part of a suite of tools engineers use to design, check, evaluate and deliver interior and exterior vehicle sounds for vehicles of any configuration, including electric, hybrid, conventional internal combustion powertrains, and any other vehicle/powertrain design.

> For more details, visit the VSound product page 

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