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Building Blocks for Electric Power Testing


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Presentations will include many of the following topics:

  • Introduction to electric power
  • Fast and accurate electric power measurements
  • Electro-Mechanical testing for electric drives
  • Futureproofing electric power test systems
  • Measuring power during transients
  • Electric power safety
  • Auditable testing – recorded data and equations for review and post process
  • Feedback to control systems for automation
  • Advanced data processing for electric power
  • Sensors and acquisition for electric power testing
  • Measuring losses in electric machines

We welcome further abstracts from customers on similar themes:

  • Efficiency mapping
  • Accelerated power testing
  • Torque ripple measurement
  • Large power system testing
  • Electric aircraft propulsion
  • Electric automobile propulsion
  • Calibration of electric motor control systems
  • Power generation
  • Power electronics