LDS V850

Medium-force shaker

An air-cooled, electrodynamic shaker built for vibration and mechanical shock tests of medium-sized payloads up to 350 kg (770 lb), such as automotive components and other types of electronic assemblies. It has maximum force ratings up to 22.2 kN (5000 lbf).

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These shakers are widely used in R&D by the automobile, aerospace, and defence sectors. Combining industry-standard performance and adaptability, they deliver comprehensive solutions for a range of vibration testing scenarios, including general stress screening, product qualification, and product and package testing.


  • Qualification testing of automotive parts and systems, including ISO/TS 16949, SAE and other standard tests
  • Electronic assembly and computer equipment testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing, such as Mechanical Environmental Tests AECTP 400, ISO 9000, MIL-STD and AS9000 tests
  • Telecommunication and satellite component testing
  • General stress screening, such as ISO 5344, HALT, ALT and HASS
  • Product and package testing, like ISTA and ASTM 4169 tests


Versatile and cost-effective, LDS® V850 shakers feature top force and velocity parameters together with a usable vibration control frequency range from DC to 3 kHz. Offered in two models, they are capable of performing high-acceleration shock tests and can also be used for testing with sine, random and transient vibrations.

Their lightweight, robust armatures can be interchanged to increase the diameter – from 240 to 440 mm (9.45 to 17.3 in) – and enable the shaker to accommodate a broader range of loads during testing, thus economically expanding the systems’ capabilities.

The larger-diameter V850-440 affords superior overturning restraint, ensuring that larger or multiple devices under testing are safely secured when the shaker is operated with a slip table. The smaller-diameter version, V850-240, is appropriate for high g-force vibration control applications, such as drop tests and crash simulations.

The shaker’s active suspension system eliminates the need for additional mountings and improves reliability at low frequencies. A unique infrared mechanism allows accurate control of the armature position in both vertical or horizontal operation, which is crucial for high-quality shock tests where the armature must be offset.

All shakers in the LDS® V800 series are compatible with AGREE chambers and can be integrated with other equipment for use in environmental tests. Thermal barriers can be added to protect the shaker when operating at high temperatures.


These shakers can be outfitted with a number of choices to meet your specific needs: mounted on an air-isolation trunnion with body rotation gear box (as standard), combined with one of our oil-film slip tables to enable horizontal testing, or base-mounted for under-chamber operation.

Sine force peak
22.2 kN
Max random force RMS
22.2 kN
Max acceleration sine peak
60 g
Velocity sine peak
2.0 m/s
Displacement continous pk-pk
50.8 mm
Moving element mass
23.8 kg
Usable frequency range
DC – 3 kHz