Power amplifier

A compact and efficient amplifier with a 5 VA power output. Used to drive permanent magnet shakers and small shakers with force ratings up to 5.12 kN (1150 lbf) for laboratory and modal testing applications.

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Featuring the same power module, microprocessor and LCD as the LDS® SPA-K range, this amplifier has been optimized to drive our low-force shakers LDS® V650 and V780 shakers, enabling them to impart higher forces than when paired with other units.

With a Class-D rating, it offers maximum power with minimal energy waste and lower running costs. LDS® HPA-K is designed for centralized operation, allowing you to start up the amplifier, monitor its power output and interlocks, and shut it down, from the same PC that hosts the vibration controller.


  • Driving low-force shakers V650 and V780 shakers
  • Driving third-party vibration systems with ratings up to 5.12 kN (1150 lbf)


  • Power rating of 5 kVA
  • Energy-efficient Class-D rating
  • Full-power frequency range, or bandwidth, from 20 to 5000 Hz
  • Low total harmonic distortion (less than 0.15%)
  • Integral protection prevents operation exceeding output limits