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Browse through our library of knowledge articles, studies and guides. Download unique materials and enhance your understanding of the many disciplines within sound and vibration

In the Knowledge Centre you will find

  • Case studies: Presentations of specific customer problem, including a detailed description of the challenge facing the customer and our approach to solving it.
  • Application notes: Detailed descriptions of how products or systems are used in a specific application or process. Application notes include a theoretical introduction to the application.
  • Technical reviews: Each issue is a collection of research articles centred around a specific application or measurement technique. Each technical review includes theory, measurement techniques, and instrumentation.
  • Conference papers: Technical papers that have been presented by Brüel & Kjær experts at sound and vibration conferences around the world.
  • Primers and handbooks: Brüel & Kjær primers are short, introductory and informative publications on sound and vibration topics. Our handbooks contain concise information, as well as guidance on subjects related to sound and vibration.

Knowledge Center

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  • Application Notes from Brüel & Kjær engineers
  • Conference papers and research articles
  • Customer Case Studies and Reports
  • Primers, handbooks and guides
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Knowledge Centre

The Brüel & Kjær Knowledge Centre is our online library containing a wide range of detailed articles. Here you will find:

  • Guides
  • Case studies
  • Application notes
  • Technical reviews
  • Conference papers
  • Primers and handbooks

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