Impulse Noise

impulse noise evaluation for small arms

A complete system for measuring, processing and reporting small arms impulse noise in compliance with MIL-STD-1474-D and -E. impulse noise evaluation made quick, simple and accurate!

To the system

Brüel & Kjær's Impulse Noise Evaluation System is a targeted solution for measuring and reporting according to relevant standards for different combinations of small firearms, suppressors and ammunition types. The system includes all of the needed hardware and software, configured to ensure an quick and easy setup and workflow.

The solution enables:

  • Fast, simple setup from unboxing to testing
  • Simultaneous measurement at the left and right ears and muzzle using a three-microphone setup
  • Calculation and reporting directly in the software
  • On-site validation with the peak value displayed after each shot
  • Benchmarking impulse noise peak values for various prototypes or with competitors
  • 262,144 samples/second rate exceeding the MIL-STD requirements


Schematic for a typical system setup

Impulse noise Evaulation system


This impulse noise solution provides the complete hardware setup that you need to quickly and accurately acquire all of the data you need, in one session. With the three-microphone setup and battery-powered LAN-XI data acquisition module, you can simultaneously measure the right and left ears and the muzzle where you need to test, and not tied to a power cable.


This solution also includes PULSE™ Impulse Noise Evaluation 
Type 7963, the software you need to control measurements – so your data is correct the first time.

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