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Need a microphone for measuring close to a sound port?

Don’t miss this chance to get a dedicated microphone for your tasks

As a rule of thumb, when measuring close to a sound port, you should always try to use a microphone with a diameter similar to, or smaller than the sound port.

Why is ¼-inch Pressure-field Microphone Type 4988-A ideal for measuring close to sound ports?

  • Type 4988-A is optimized for pressure-field and near-field measurements
  • Its diaphragm tension is high enough to prevent the risk of non-linear behaviour of the microphone response in the high frequency range

Why can you get your job done more efficiently and accurately using Type 4988-A?

  • Type 4988-A is designed for your work:
    • Rotational positioning?
      • Type 4988-A has a rotationally uniform response
    • Constraints on the fixture design?
      • Type 4988-A has a well-defined angle response and data is provided for 0° to 180°
    • Equalize the frequency response? Easy to replace?
      • Type 4988-A has minimum variation from sample to sample
    • Temperature? Humidity?
      • Type 4988-A has an all- titanium design, including the diaphragm

Why should I buy it now?

You deserve a great microphone for great work. 30% discount is yours to claim until the end of 2020.

Pressure-field Microphone Type 4988-A


Phone and microphones

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