Type 4966 microphone family

Handmade in Denmark and designed for high-precision, free-field measurements. Ideal where a microphone with high sensitivity is required.

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Making of Microphone Type 4966

Type 4966 is a robust and stable free‐field microphone cartridge designed for high‐precision acoustic measurements. This video shows the hand-made details and precision that is used in making the microphone.


What do you need to do?

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because …

I need to do some electroacoustic measurements - such as loudspeakers, smart speakers, and infotainment system in vehicles


It is a free-field microphone and has a flat frequency response

I need to measure in high temperature climate – such as close to a motor


It can continuously operate up to 125°C (257°F)

I need to do sound power measurement – such as on a washing machine, garden tools, machinery, medical equipment, etc.


It is an IEC 61094-4 WS2F free field microphone fulfilling the requirement of Sound power standard.

I need to eliminate the low frequency disturbance - such as wind induced noise


It has built-in A-weighted filter to filter out low frequency disturbance

I need to measure exterior noise – such as aeroplanes, cars, trains, etc.



I need to measure in a confined space – such as in-cabin, build an array for in-cabin measurement


It has a short dimension

I need to measure high sound pressure level – such as in the proximity of a jet engine


It has a wide dynamic range all way up to 144dB

I need to check the microphone condition before measuring, but the microphone will be pretty far away from me and each other, such as pass-by, fly over and distributed measurements


It has CIC function that allows the user to check the condition by sending a signal.

I just need to measure …


It has a wide dynamic range, a wide frequency range and a wide operating temperature range


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