Machine monitoring

Reference Profiles feature in Tescia 2021.1

As part of the upcoming software release, the development team is proud to announce that Tescia now supports Reference Profiles.

You can now define simple to very complicated levels at every frequency, allowing the system to detect and trigger on exceedances. 

This capability will enable monitoring tasks such as floor monitoring and rotating machinery condition monitoring to trigger alarms (including relay output), record events, analyse events and execute software scripts to generate, for example, emails.

Tescia will provide this capability for FTT spectra, octave spectra and order analysis. 

Application notes for repetitive testing

Time data recorder and real-time test software

Tescia, a data collection, management and analysis tool provides a safe way for you to capture your data – even the unexpected!

Designed to validate design processes, protect test specimens, monitor assets, and distribute insights, its easily configurable GUI allows the test operator to complete his tasks quickly and easily with good assurance of test repeatability.


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