Electroacoustic test automation and data management

PULSE software for automating repetitive test sequences by scripting, and for archiving results for easy recall and overviewing

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Our PULSE software offers advanced capabilities to help you be more productive, through automating the execution of repetitive test procedures and by effectively archiving data where it can be easily recalled and reused as necessary – to gain more useful meaning from an overview of similar measurements.


  • Audio engineers researching, measuring and documenting acoustical designs during development, pre-qualification, and manufacturing
  • Benchmarking the acoustical performance of electroacoustic transducers such as speakers and headphones 
  • Evaluating acoustical accuracy of hydrophones, hearing aids, headsets, telephones, microphones, loudspeakers
  • Sample testing of electroacoustic transducers during production, such as tolerance checking of speaker drivers, for quality assurance


This software automates measurement tasks that would otherwise be performed in PULSE manually. Consequently, complex and time-consuming measurement tasks can be automated. The PULSE sequencer uses common PULSE concepts such as measurement templates, task layouts, macros, allowing normally-defined PULSE projects to be executed automatically.

As a standard application within PULSE, this software scripts test sequences without the need to resort to programming. However, for highly specialized measurement tasks, PULSE software is compatible with Visual Basic® for more advanced automation that requires programming.


This software allows measurement data to be stored and retrieved from a database. A vast number of calculations and comparisons can be performed on data retrieved from the database, regardless of where the data originates. This software also allows easy reporting of measurements.


Our software package PULSE Electroacoustics Type 7907-S1 gives you a complete toolbox for testing. It includes these software types as standard. See the product data sheet for more information.