Bridge Module Front Panel

Designed to be used with LAN‐XI Bridge Module Type 3057‐B‐030.

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UA‐2121‐030 is the front panel used with LAN‐XI Bridge Module Type 3057‐B‐030.

The front‐panel has 3 × 15‐pin sub‐D connectors which allow individual configurations of completion resistors to be made directly on the cable plug.


  • Bridge sensor measurements:
    • 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 bridge strain gauges
    • Strain gauge based sensors (force, mass, torque)
    • Piezoresistive accelerometers and pressure sensors
    • Variable capacitance accelerometers
  • General sound and vibration measurements:
    • CCLD transducers (microphones, accelerometers, tacho probes)
    • Direct voltage signals
Front panel    Compatible LAN-XI modules
UA-2121-030 Type 3057-B-030 (fully compatible)