Signal Recording App

A signal recording app for Types 2250, 2250-L and 2270 sound level meter, enabling applications to record the input signal as an attachment to the measurement project.

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Signal recording can be configured to run for the duration of the measurement, or it can be manually controlled or triggered to begin when a pre-set level is exceeded.

Pre- and post-recording buffers can be utilised if the recording is manually controlled, meaning you can hit the manual event button after the event and still capture it. Four different recording qualities are provided select the most suitable quality for your application and measurement duration.


  • Identification and documentation of sound sources
  • Re-analysis of signals on PC

After the measurement is complete, recordings can be imported into Measurement Partner Suite for further analysis. 24-bit recording is recommended for re-analysis during post-processing.

During playback, a volume control makes it easy to hear the smallest sounds and comfortably listen to loud bangs. When used with logging software, sound recordings are attached to the profile, making it easy to identify the cause of high levels.

Recordings attached to reports facilitate complaint handling, allowing all interested parties to acoustically experience what the measurement figures express.


  • 24- or 16-bit recording during all or parts of a measurement
  • Playback on sound level meters Type 2250-SType 2270-S and Type 2250 Light and on a PC
  • Recorded signal A-, C- or Z-weighted
  • 8, 16, 24 or 48 kHz sampling frequency
  • Optional, automatic gain control (16 bit only)
  • Useful for both sound and vibration measurements

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