Type 3535-A

All Weather Case

Protect your noise measurement system from the weather and prevent unauthorised access with Weather Case Type 3535-A. The case is built to house Type 2250, 2250-Light and 2270 Sound Level Meters when doing exterior noise measurements, or in transport.

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Designed for unattended measurements up to a few days, the light and robust enclosure protects the measurement system from the weather and unauthorized access while providing power and remote data retrieval.

A router can be mounted inside the case, enabling remote control of the analyzer, facilitating useful notifications and data download from the comfort of your office.

Battery power is provided by two Li-Ion batteries. A charger is included in the case for each battery. The system can be powered externally via an integrated power panel if mains power is available.


  • Outdoors and unattended measurements
  • Workplace and construction site measurements
  • Measurements for noise control
  • Complaint investigation
  • Venue licensing purposes


  • Weather protection to IP 43
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Tamper protection
  • Hot swap of batteries
  • Flexible power options
  • Type approved to class 1

Optional accessories and measurement modules are available to setup the system. In typical applications, a weather station / noise monitoring terminals is connected to the system for simultaneous acquisition of weather data.