Medium-force shaker

An air-cooled electrodynamic shaker for vibration and mechanical shock testing of large payloads up to 700 kg (1540 lb), such as complete battery assemblies for hybrid vehicles, satellite components, and military electronics and hardware. It has peak sine force ratings of 57.8 kN (13,000 lbf).

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Powerful and adaptable, LDS® V8 is used within the automotive, aerospace, transport and packaging, and defence industries for a variety of R&D and testing scenarios that include pre-production qualification, durability and reliability tests, and product and package testing. It is suitable for high-acceleration shock tests, as well as for testing with sinusoidal, random and transient excitations.


  • Qualification testing of automotive parts and systems, including Hot Shake Test (HST) of brake and exhaust systems, Squeak and Rattle tests, Road Load Data applications, ISO/TS16949 and other industry standards
  • Electronic assembly and computer equipment testing
  • Avionics and military hardware testing, such as Mechanical Environmental Tests AECTP 400, ISO 9000, MIL-STD, AS9000, and RTCA DO-160 Section 8 tests
  • Telecommunication and satellite component testing
  • General stress screening, including ISO 5344, Accelerated Durability Testing (ADT), HALT and HASS
  • Product and package testing, such as ISTA and ASTM 4169 tests
  • Shock test applications, including Shock Response Spectrum (SRS)
  • Environmental testing with AGREE chambers, Combined Environmental Reliability Test (CERT) and others


Offering the highest achievable envelope of test parameters for an electrodynamic shaker, the heavy-duty V8 is capable of simultaneously delivering top stroke, velocity and force. Available in two versions, with armature diameters of 440 and 640 mm (17.3 and 25.2 in), it combines ample internal load capacity and mounting surface. The larger-diameter V8-640 can easily accommodate outsize articles for vigorous testing, while the V8-440 model features a lightweight armature that makes it ideal for high g-force applications.

These shakers can be fitted with a number of choices: mounted on an air-isolation trunnion with body rotation gear box (as standard), combined with one of our oil-film slip tables to enable vertical and horizontal vibrations, or base-mounted for under-chamber operation.

Like the rest of our medium-force range, V8 is compatible with AGREE chambers and can be integrated with other equipment for use in environmental tests. Thermal barriers are available to protect the shaker when operating at high temperatures.

Depending on the size and mass of the payloads, head expanders can be added to increase the mounting surface and ensure that devices are securely fastened during testing. Systems can also be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, the Squeak and Rattle alternative offers ultra-quiet running.