Vibration Controller

Vibration controller with two channels suited to everyday shock and vibration testing, LDS COMET USB provides the flexibility to perform random, swept sine, and shock testing on vibration test systems.

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The LDS® COMETUSB controller has been designed to offer an affordable and flexible solution for basic vibration testing needs. It is used in R&D and production test applications, such as stress screening. Its test profiles include random, sine, and shock excitations. It combines 24-bit precision with a wide dynamic control range and a fast loop time to provide highly accurate control.


  • Random tests
  • Sine tests
  • Shock tests
  • Swept-sine testing
  • Vibration testing to MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, IEC, and other standards
  • Coordinated operation with thermal chambers


This system comprises a compact controller module and a user-friendly Windows®-based application software. Connected to a PC or notebook via USB, it is economical, reliable, and easy to install and operate. A Setup Wizard is available to speed up test configurations.

The COMETUSB module is housed in a low-noise enclosure, featuring 24-bit-resolution hardware with programmable voltage ranges on its two input and single output channels. This provides a wide dynamic range of up to 120 dBFS for precise control of complex structures and difficult fixtures.

Fast loop times, as low as 10 ms for sine and 100 ms for random excitation, enable quick test-load equalization and increase dependability during testing. Additionally, the COMETUSB controller incorporates more than a dozen automatic safety checks and interlocks to protect both the test article and the shaker. An optional thermal chamber interface can be added to integrate the control system with environmental testing equipment.

A true multi-tasking vibration controller, it handles the control loop in real time independently of the host PC, thus allowing users to concurrently analyze data and prepare test reports.