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Airport Noise Monitoring (webtrak)

For many neighbourhoods, Brüel & Kjær EMS Services - Webtrak and Noise Sentinel - have created the means to engage in constructive dialogue, and medigate excessive noise issues.  With the sale of EMS, Brüel & Kjær still supply the noise monitoring equipment and systems used for the measurements. 

With the multitude of flight operations around even medium-sized airports, it is not possible to answer complaints or reprimand violators without documenting the time and level of excessive flyover noise. This necessitates special equipment for monitoring airport noise automatically.

The first requirement is one or more outdoor noise monitoring terminals (NMTs) each equipped with a microphone unit which can operate year-round under all weather conditions.

Permanent Outdoor Microphones

A permanent Outdoor Microphone Unit must withstand the rigours of outdoor conditions for long periods without maintenance. It must be free of the effects of temperature, humidity, snow, rain and air pollution; and it must deter birds from perching on, and soiling, the microphone assembly.

The built-in electronics must be capable of driving long lines, if necessary, back to a data acquisition station. They must also have a built-in calibrator which can be remotely actuated from the data acquisition station.

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