TYPE 4297

Sound Intensity Calibrator

Sound intensity calibrator is deisgned for on-site sound-pressure calibration and pressure-residual intensity-index verification

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Sound Intensity Calibrator Type 4297 is used for on-site sound-pressure calibration and pressure-residual intensity-index verification.

The device is a complete sound-intensity calibrator in one compact, portable unit with built-in sound sources. The acoustic feedback system automatically adjusts for variations in atmospheric pressure and fulfils the IEC 61043 standard.

Sound Intensity Calibrator Type 4297 enables instruments that measure sound intensity to be accurately calibrated. It is intended for use with Brüel & Kjær Sound Intensity Probes Types 3599 and 3654 with Sound Intensity Microphone Pair Type 4197. The microphones must be used with ¼" preamplifiers.

The Sound Intensity Calibrator can be used for calibration of sound‐pressure sensitivity. To do this, the microphones are both positioned in the calibration chamber. There is no need to dismantle the probe, and both microphones are exposed to exactly the same sound pressure (amplitude and phase). A barometer is not needed because an accurate feedback system holds the sound‐pressure level at a constant value.

The broadband sound source is provided for measurement of the pressure‐residual intensity index spectrum. This is used to assess the accuracy of sound‐intensity measurements.


  • Measurement and verification of pressure-residual intensity index
  • Sound-pressure calibration at 251.2 Hz (Type 1 IEC 60942)

The most important and unique feature of Type 4297 is that there is no need to dismantle the sound-intensity probe for calibration.

The calibrator is optimised for use with Hand-held Sound Intensity Analyzer Type 2270 G, but it can also be used with sound intensity analysis systems.

A calibration chart is supplied that states the levels that should be detected during calibration.

Type 1 IEC 60942 / IEC 60943
Calibration pressure
101.3 kPa
Calibration frequencies
251.2 Hz
Calibration accuracy