Поиск продукта


Transducers are a core part of Brüel & Kjær’s business and has been for more than 70 years. The quality of our transducers is the result of our unique experience and knowledge, backed up by meticulous testing and quality control. With individual calibration before shipping, our transducers ensure outstanding accuracy, performance and durability in all measurements.

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A transducer is a device designed to convert energy from one form to another in such a manner that the desired characteristics of the input energy appear at the output. Includes accelerometers, force and impact transducers , loudspeakers, microphones and calibrators

Transducers are the vital first link in your measurement chain. As they stand on the front line and provide you with the raw data you need, it is critically important that they are trustworthy. 


Every Brüel & Kjær transducer is thoroughly tested during its production to ensure that its performance is within the specified parameters. Extremely high standards are met in our production quality and this is reflected in our status as an ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified company.

Our transducers can be subjected to between five and ten separate test procedures.

Our extensive in‐house test equipment gives our engineers the tools to quickly identify the root cause, fix the underlying problem and resume normal production and deliver with the quality you expect from Brüel & Kjær

Microphone Calibration / Preamplifier CalibrationAn individual calibration is performed on each transducer before shipping. Calibration is done in our own calibration laboratory using a calibration technique based on FFT analysis,  providing the resolution needed to detect certain types of problems.

Our unique status as the primary Danish standards lab reduces our traceability steps as well the uncertainty in our calibrations.


Despite the large number of transducers available in Brüel & Kjær’s standard selection, special measurement situations can occur requiring a transducer that cannot be met by our standard product range. In order to effectively meet our customers’ needs, we offer customized products.  


The information we gather during finaltesting is always available to you via our detailed product datasheets. Each datasheet includes the individual transducer’s sensitivity to external inputs as well as other specifications.

If you need more information, a support engineer is always available by phone, on the Web or in person to answer your question and share best practices.