M1 oct 2020 bkconnect

Streamlined testing and validation in
Data Processing

BK Connect® is known for streamlined workflow not just for the Operator but for the Specialist. One of the key elements behind the innovations in BK Connect is the ‘favourites’ concept, which allows each User to optimize what is visible to reduce the complexity. To support this concept during recording and processing, we have introduced the Accept/Reject criteria. This default behaviour allows the User to decide if a measurement is good or bad after reviewing the processed results. This is beneficial on its own, however, we have also built-in actions similar to ‘Done Management’ when one criterion is selected.

In the above video, ‘BK Connect 2019 – Streamlined testing and validation in Data Processing’, you can see this automation at work. During the measurement, you see the Hardware Browser and the Monitors as they contain the most critical information during the measurement. When the recording has been completed, the
Standard Processing task maximizes to display the processed results of the recording based on the setup you have activated. When reviewing the processed data, the Hardware Browser and monitors are minimized, allowing you to focus your attention on the results at hand. 
When reviewing the results, we have two viewing modes. The Result Matrix allows you to select any cell to display the desired result in an ad hoc workflow. Alternatively, for repetitive testing, you can use the Result Selector, which stores preselected results to be displayed. These pages can be navigated manually, or BK Connect can automatically scroll through the pages once the processing has completed. 
Once you have decided to accept or reject the results, the Hardware Browser and Monitor maximize so you can begin the next recording. Once you have completed all the measurements, you can use the Done Management check mark to navigate to one of the viewers’ tasks, or to a report to complete your day of testing. This workflow is optimized for the information needed at any given time, without requiring extra navigation within the tasks. The goal is to make decisions easier and faster since you only see what is required at any given time. 

M1 oct 2020 fig1

When this is combined with the Team Server you have the efficiency in testing, as well as store and sharing data. All that’s left now is to solve your problems.