LDS V8750 Launch Event

Increased efficiency and accuracy. An impressive flexibility and performance. Lower operating costs. And reduced inspection risks. Introducing the new LDS V8750 + XPAK shaker system.

High shock performance and low energy consumption herald the new generation of vibration testing. A new generation that starts with efficiency. An efficiency that goes far beyond saving time. 

Designed for vibration and mechanical shock testing with sinusoidal, random or transient excitation in research and development as well as production in the aerospace, automotive and transport and packaging industries the LDS V8750 + XPAK shaker system can improve your efficiency in every conceivable way. 

Are you ready for the next generation of vibration testing? 



Tim Gardiner joined Hottinger Brüel & Kjær 2021.
Tim has nearly 20 years of experience in product management and leadership roles for Crane Co, Danaher Corporation and Ammeraal Beltech, both in the UK and Europe. He has a business degree from the Solent University in the UK.


Learn more about the V8750 Shaker System and the next generation of vibration testing.

FAQ about LDS V8760

The remote service is an extra, paid for option in the configuration of the product. However, when you purchase a maintenance contract for your machine this service is free of charge.
Yes, there are two options for the armature size. 440 mm (17.3 in) & 640 mm (25.2 in).
Armature suspension stiffness: Axial (nominal) 350 N/mm (2000 lbf/in)
Due to the system utilising an inductive centring system, there is no requirement for ongoing calibration. Once installed and set up, there are no moving parts and therefore no on-going service requirements.

Combo slip tables are available with low pressure bearings (LPT) for compact test loads and hydrostatic bearings (HBT) for larger test loads with higher overturning moments. The following slip table sizes are available as standard: 

  • LPT600 / HBT600 
  • LPT750 / HBT750 
  • LPT900 / HBT900 
  • LPT1220 / HBT1220
In principle, the V8750 complies with ECER100 with respect to the Vibration and Thermal shock and cycling test, however, we would need to approve on a case-by-case basis as requirements will change between different applications. e.g., payload masses and sizes/
You adjust the available shaker velocity by the HMI (human/machine interface) on the XPAK amplifier. This, of course, can be done remotely by a PC that is connected to the amplifier.
We believe that it would be unfair to comment on competitor’s systems. However, we do believe that the V8750 has some performance features that are leading the market in terms of shock testing at the time of writing. Please see the product datasheet for more details.