Indoor Pass-by software

BK Connect® Indoor Pass-by for setup and performance of measurements simulating pass-by noise on a chassis dynamometer in a hemi-anechoic chamber.

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BK Connect Indoor Pass-by allows you to easily setup and perform indoor pass-by measurements simulating the pass-by noise of a vehicle. The test vehicle drives on a chassis dynamometer in a hemi-anechoic chamber in a controlled environment, with noise measured by a series of microphones on either side. Measurements are more easily controlled and reproducible on a dyno, and the stationary vehicle allows additional instrumentation to be placed around the vehicle. 

BK Connect Indoor Pass-by is designed around the standard test method described in ISO 362-3 and specified in UN Regulations R51, but can also be used in smaller, non-standard test chambers when type certification is not required.  


  • Type approval and conformity of production testing in accordance with international regulations 
  • Development testing or problem troubleshooting in smaller hemi-anechoic chambers 
  • Design optimization with measurements for Pass-by Source Path Contribution (SPC) analysis 

The measurement process is based on a test plan, which is created automatically from the test setup to minimize interaction by the operator. At any time during or after the execution of the test plan, the operator can inspect the underlying data from any run to assess data validity and quality. Results are easily shared and visualized across organizations using the Team Server file-based data management system. 


  • Simulation of field pass-by measurements according to ISO 362-3 and UN/ECE regulations R51
  • Ability to import field pass-by data from PULSE LabShop™ for result comparison and tyre noise correction including doppler effect simulation
  • Option for off-line setup using Microsoft® Excel® with one-step import for quick start-up in test facility
  • System calibration with visual feedback on pass/fail status
  • Results management via file repository and Team Server, enabling comparison of pass-by results from any pass-by data source
  • Ability to set up or load SPC model (sources and indicators) for Pass-by SPC operating and Acoustic Transfer Function (ATF) measurements