Type 3050

Multi-Purpose 4- and 6-Channel Input Modules

Designed to cover a wide range of sound and vibration measurement applications.

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The core of the LAN-XI range, these modules are designed to cover as many sound and vibration measurement applications as possible.


  • General sound and vibration measurements
  • Measurement front-end module for PULSE measurement and analysis software
  • Front-end for PC-based data recorder Type 7708
  • Single-module measurements
  • Multi-module measurements/distributed system
  • Stand-alone recording (no PC) using LAN-XI Notar™ software
  • Wireless front-end for Sonoscout

Type 3050 comes in two basic variants, offering the choice between four and six high-precision input channels with an input range from DC to 51.2 kHz. Type 3050 works equally well as a lone-module system, or as part of a large LAN-XI measurement system - making it one of the most flexible data acquisition modules on the market. In addition, interchangeable front panels give you the flexibility to use a wide range of transducers.

Also available: LAN-XI Open Application Protocol Interface (API) – a lightweight, platform-independent interface for programming LAN-XI data acquisition hardware from your own (or third party) software.