LAN-XI DAQ Modules

LAN-XI DAQ modules and hardware is a versatile system of modules, frames, input and output modules, and front panels. Use a single module, a stand-alone data acquisition frontend, or join together multiple modules in a frame to increase your channel count. The Sample synchronization, using precision time protocol (PTP) and GPS, enables you to build a distributed DAQ system based on multiple frontends, and is the ideal hardware for BK Connect®, PULSE LabShop, Sonoscout®, and Test for I-deas.

  • LAN-XI battery Type 2831

    Type 2831

    Battery Module

    A rechargeable Li-Ion battery module that powers LAN-XI input modules and frames.

  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Type 3050

    Type 3050

    Multi-Purpose 4- and 6-Channel Input Modules

    Designed to cover a wide range of sound and vibration measurement applications.

  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Type 3052

    TYPE 3052

    High-Frequency 3-Channel Input Module

    A dedicated high frequency (>50 kHz) sound and vibration signal module with a frequency range from DC to 102.4 kHz.

  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Type 3053

    TYPE 3053

    12-CHANNEL Input Module

    A cost-efficient and compact LAN-XI DAQ module for high-channel count applications, this module is an ideal building block for large systems - with a DC to 25.6 kHz input range.

  • Auxiliary input module - LAN-XI Type 3056

    TYPE 3056

    4-Ch. Input/Hs-Tacho + 8-Ch. Aux. Module

    A combination of low frequency auxiliary channels and dynamic inputs which supports high speed tacho signals.

  • LAN-XI_Type-3057_600x600

    TYPE 3057

    3 Ch. Input Bridge Module 102.4 khz

    Designed for high-frequency applications with bridge type transducers.

  • LAN‐XI CAN Bus Module Type 3058

    TYPE 3058

    Can Bus Module

    CAN Bus Module Type 3058 is a versatile 8-channel 25.6 kHz DAQ module with two independent CAN bus input channels. The ideal solution for automotive NVH applications in the lab or in the field.

  • Data acquisition hardware LAN-XI Type 3160

    TYPE 3160

    Generator Module

    Designed for applications where system excitation is required, such as audio and electro-acoustic test applications.

  • LAN-XI module Type 3161

    TYPE 3161

    High-frequency Input/Output Module

    Type 3161 is a single channel input and output DAQ module, designed for very high-frequency applications, such as transducer calibration and underwater defence applications up to 204,8 KHz.

  • LAN-XI Frame Type 3660-A

    TYPE 3660-A

    1-Module Wireless LAN Frame

    Connects a single LAN-XI analysis module and battery module together to create a wireless front-end.

  • WB-3620

    LAN-XI Personal Computer Module

    A true stand-alone, all-in-one-box measurement solution without sacrificing data quality or reliability.