TYPE 3660-A

1-Module Wireless LAN Frame

Connects a single LAN-XI analysis module and battery module together to create a wireless front-end.

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Type 3660-A creates a wireless data acquisition front-end by connecting one LAN-XI input module and one LAN-XI Battery Module Type 2831 together.

It allows you to stream data wirelessly from any LAN-XI module, giving you the freedom to move your hardware around without cabling.


  • Sonoscout front-end
  • In-vehicle NVH recordings
  • Wireless front-end for PULSE LabShop and PULSE Time Data Recorder
  • Remote control of LAN-XI Notar™ stand-alone recorder
  • For applications where LAN cables are not practical

For use with either Sonoscout NVH Recorder Type 3663, PULSE™ LabShop, or PULSE Time Data Recorder Type 7708.