DAQ Frames For LAN-XI Modules

LAN-XI DAQ Frames enable you to collect modules together to increase the channel count of your front end, as well as provide additional functionality. Frames (with one or more modules) can be used for single frontend systems or as part of a distributed system.

Specifications for DAQ Frames

Types 3660-C-100 and 3660-D house up to 5 and 11 modules, respectively, in a robust casing for industrial and hard everyday use. Each frame operates silently and has a 1-gigabit LAN backbone, which provides full throughput of all channels.

Modules are locked or screwed into place in the frame. It is easy to swap or remove modules to, ie. reconfigure your front end, use only a single module or send a module for calibration or repair.

Frames with GPS Synchronization

GPS defines the absolute time and provides an accurate time base for synchronized data acquisition within a system or between systems in different locations. The GPS time stamp ensures that the measurements are sample synchronized, enabling cross-spectral analysis between channels.

Power Supply

Types 3660-C-100 and 3660-D-100 both have an integral transformer for connecting a 90 – 264 V AC,47 – 63 Hz mains power supply, or an 11 – 32 V DC supply.

In addition, each frame can house up to two Battery Modules Type 2831-A, which are capable of powering nine input/output modules for up to 40 minutes. Batteries can be hot-swapped to extend operation time. Frames cannot be powered by PoE.

DC Output + Additional Ethernet Port

Types 3660-C-100 and 3660-D-100 have a 12 V DC, 1 A output (EIAJ-05 connector) with current protection to provide PoE for accessories such as a switch, a wireless access point (WAP) or a camera. Cables for these accessories must be purchased separately.

Cooling operation is silent as long as the temperature of the unit is within safety limits. If the maximum safeoperating temperature is reached, cooling fans activate.