TYPE 3660-C

LAN-XI Frame for 5 Modules

Portable frame that holds up to 5 LAN-XI modules of your choice.

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The LAN-XI frame Type 3660-C provides a practical solution for test setups where up to 5 LAN-XI modules are required.

The multi module LAN-XI docking station provides both power and connectivity as well as a rugged protection for the LAN-XI modules.


  • Large high-density channel systems
  • Modal analysis
  • Field and lab use
  • In-vehicle testing
  • Phase- and sample-synchronous measurements

Once mounted in the frame the LAN-XI modules are combined into one portable unit. The LAN-XI modules are quickly locked into the frames, which then combine the data up to 60 channels through a single 1-gigabit LAN connection - easily networking multiple frames together to provide systems of 1000+ channels and more.

Battery modules can power the whole frame to allow remote operation. The LAN-XI frame has built-in GPS receivers for absolute time stamping of the data samples. This allows data from independent PULSE systems to be compared (PULSE Reflex Post Process analysis) due to the common GPS sample time reference.

The frame has connectivity to provide PoE- or DC-out power to auxiliary devices such as weather stations etc.