LDS V8900

Air-Cooled, 80 KN High-Force LDS Shaker

LDS® V8900 high-force shaker offers unmatched versatility and testing capability. This air-cooled electrodynamic shaker delivers a high overturning moment and a force rating of 80 kN (17,894 lbf) for high-performance vibration and shock testing of large structures and devices.

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The LDS ® V8900 is deal for the aerospace & defence and automotive industries. The shaker combines high forces, large displacement, a wide frequency range and up to 3 kN·m (2212 lb·ft) of overturning momentm making it suitable for vibration testing challenging, or unbalanced payloads and small payloads alike.

LDS® V8900 is suitable for high-acceleration shock tests, as well as for testing with sinusoidal, random, and transient excitations.


  • Three-axis testing of complete satellite systems
  • Testing at very low vibration levels for payload characterization
  • Low-frequency, large-displacement testing for large payloads
  • Durability testing of avionics and military hardware
  • Squeak and Rattle testing for the automotive sectors
  • Extended vibration testing


Capable of supporting payloads up to 800 kg (1763 lb) and delivering sine forces up to 80 kN (17,894 lbf), V8900 has the power of a water-cooled shaker with all the benefits of air-cooling. Reliable and low-maintenance, it is comparably easier and more economical to install and operate; thus, offering maximum efficiency without compromising on quality.

For enhanced shock and low-frequency testing, V8900 features a long stroke, with a maximum displacement of 101.6 mm (4 in). A frequency range from 5 to 3000 Hz makes it suitable for long-duration vibration tests, as well as for tests involving smaller articles.

Its cutting-edge design enables the shaker to perform at its full potential, even when testing payloads with offset centres of gravity. The incorporation of hydrostatic bearing technology gives the shaker its rigidity, enabling high overturning moments of up to 3 kN·m (2212 lb·ft), increasing stability for large or complex payloads without the need for guided head expanders. This also reduces maintenance needs and minimizes costly downtime, as there are no worn-out rollers nor flexures to replace.

The armature’s electrical, non-optical and non-contact centring system affords accurate armature guidance with minimal maintenance and uninterrupted operation, since neither dust nor temperature fluctuations in the environment affect accuracy.

Air-cooling eliminates the need to power and maintain a water-cooling plant, resulting in lower running costs for the V8900 system. The shaker also features an easy-to-operate and intuitive UI design, with straightforward operating functions and usage feedback data.

Sine force peak
80 kN
Max random force RMS
76.2 kN
Max acceleration sine peak
100 g
Velocity sine peak
1.8 m/s
Displacement continous pk-pk
101.6 mm
Moving element mass
80 kg
Usable frequency range
5 Hz - 3 kHz