LDS V9940


A water-cooled electrodynamic shaker with a Sine force rating of 300 kN, used for vibration and mechanical shock testing of extra-large payloads of up to 5000 kg (11,000 lb) as standard, such as the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles and e-axles and e-drivetrains.

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This reliable and proven shaker platform is ideal for vibration and shock testing of Electric Vehicle (EV) battery modules and packs, e-axles and e-drivetrains. 

The LDS V9940 is suitable for high-acceleration shock tests, as well as for testing with sinusoidal, random, and transient excitations. Providing high Half  Sine Shock force, the water-cooled shaker is capable of testing the most demanding payloads. 

The design includes optimised table designs using innovative pedestal assemblies to minimise moving masses, greatly improving performance.


  • Shock testing to international standards such as UN 38.3, ECE R100 and ISO 12405
  • Three-axis vibration testing to screen for design weaknesses e.g. via natural resonance search
  • Electrical reliability and survivability endurance testing in conjunction with thermal test parameters
  • Testing under environmental stress, such as temperature, humidity, salt spray/mist

In addition, shaker platforms can be used for production quality assurance testing:

Test of end-of-line samples to validate manufacturing process parameters and ensure consistency of production quality



Built on the largest and most powerful shaker in the LDS range, the V9940 is the ideal choice when testing requires that EV battery packs be subjected to extreme shock and vibration conditions. As well as having a 300 kN rated sine force, the shaker can provide a half-sine shock force of up to 800 kN at 2 ms intervals.

Climatic Chambers

By working in partnership with climatic chamber manufacturers, HBK can deliver battery testing turnkey solutions that provide both environmental conditions as well as having safety features necessary to manage any case of thermal runaway.


The HBK Project Sales Organisation are available to guide you through the complete project process – from initial enquiry to go-live and beyond, through the working life of the system.

Global service contracts are available in a multi-tiered system. Experience shows that preventative maintenance maximises the availability/uptime for the shaker system and ensures a long-term return on investment.