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Avoiding Electromagnetic Interference When Measuring With Strain Gauges?

Patrik Ott from the HBK Academy is your personal guide around the topic strain gauges and electromagnetic compatibility. Meet him here in the episode on electromagnetic compatibility of our science talk show "Expert Talk"!

Have you always wanted to know what is really important when handling strain gauges? And how to work with electromagnetic interference? Then learn the best tips & tricks first hand. In our new, innovative format HBK Expert Talkwith Patrik Ott - HBK Academy Trainer. Patrik will provide you with practical tips & tricks in dealing with strain gauges.

Let yourself be surprised and experienced by our Science Talk Show – HBK Expert Talk.



HBK Expert Talk: Measuring With Strain Gauges

  • Patrik discusses a fundamental topic of error prevention when measuring with strain gauges
  • It is about the correct grounding of the measurement amplifier and the component
  • Afterwards he deals with EMC and what is necessary for low-noise strain measurement

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