Modal exciters

Our modal exciters are engineered with high-performance and simple user setup in mind, offering an uncompromising balance between modal test performance and ease-of-integration. Featuring high force-to-weight ratios, our modal exciters are specifically developed to ensure the best possible modal test performance with the fastest setup, are essential for quality experimental modal models and choosing the right one is key.

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With a commitment to assuring the highest quality modal testing performance and a choice of exciters with high force-to-weight ratios, Brüel & Kjær is the ideal partner for experimental analysis of various modal properties.

Damping, mass, natural frequencies, stiffness, and many more structural characteristics can be explored via modal testing using high-force exciters. By carefully tailoring the force-to-weight ratios of our modal exciters, we preserve the quality of your test results by mitigating frequency response function (FRF) errors and minimizing the interactions between the exciter and the device under test.

Brüel & Kjær modal exciters comprise a rigid, lightweight design with sine force ratings of 100 – 1000 N. This superb force-to-weight performance comes courtesy of a proprietary rare-earth magnet technology, enabling unprecedented measuring precision with negligible FRF errors and undesirable interactions.