TYPE 4965-B

Binaural Recording Headphones

Binaural Headphones designed for automotive and ground vehicle applications. These in-ear headphones are bone conducting and enabled for bluetooth.

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Binaural Headphones Type 4965-B is designed for automotive and vehicle applications. It is intended to provide a complete listening and playback solution for use with Brüel & Kjær’s Sonoscout™ NVH Recorder. With CCLD conditioning, they can also be used in other sound recording scenarios.


  • Binaural recordings at the entrance to the human ear canal
  • Sound recordings where a vehicle driver wears the binaural microphone
  • Binaural recordings where the influence of the test subject’s head and torso is important
  • Sound recordings of a helmeted test subject, such as a motorcycle driver
  • Psychoacoustic experiments requiring binaural sound recording on human subjects
  • Binaural recordings where the use of a traditional HATS, for example, Sound Quality Head and Torso Simulator Type 4100, is impossible
  • Evaluation of headphones and earmuffs on a human subject
  • Benchmarking vehicles for reference or processing into simple PULSE™ NVH Vehicle Simulator models
  • Capturing vehicle behaviour during on-road evaluation or while using DTS On-Road Simulator
  • Cabin noise measurements
  • As general-purpose two-channel data recorders


Type 4965-B includes Binaural Microphone Type 4101-B plus a pair of bone-conducting, Bluetooth®-enabled headphones. This configuration is focused on NVH testing, where a person’s perception of sound is investigated and important to understand. The headphones are designed to be positioned next to the ears, thus giving the driver/passenger a perfect impression of the vehicle experience.