TYPE 2981

CCLD laser tacho probe

CCLD Laser Tacho Probe designed for contact-free speed measurements on rotating or reciprocating machine parts.

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Type 2981 produces a voltage pulse for each rotation of a shaft or cycle of a machine part, enabling this CCLD Laser Tacho Probe to accurately measure speed (RPM) in a range of applications.


  • Non-contact measurement of rotational speed
  • Synchronisation between rotating or reciprocating machine elements and measurement instruments
  • Low-speed measurements to 0 RPM* for wind turbine and ship propulsion applications
  • High-speed measurements up to 300000 RPM for supercharger measurements
  • Small size for measurements in tight locations

The Laser Tacho Probe is used with retroreflective tape (like the included QS-0056). This has the advantage that it can be located any distance from 1.5 to at least 70 cm (0.6 to 27'') from the test object, providing increased measurement flexibility, while safely separating the probe from contact with moving parts or otherwise hazardous environment.