Cost-efficient tool for sound and vibration measurements

Sound and vibration professionals often use a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s not always ideal and that is why we have BK Connect Applets – a selection of stand-alone tools that contain just the functionality needed to acquire your task-specific data, perform analysis, and create a report.

We would like to introduce our BK Connect FFT, CPB and Overall Analysis Applet. This applet is designed for stationary and non-stationary testing that requires standard sound and vibration measurements using FFT, 1/3-octave (CPB), and overall analysis.



The applet could be your first system for making sound and vibration measurements. Or it could be a cost-efficient second test system in your organization, where you need less capability than the full suite of BK Connect applications but could benefit from a simplified and operator-friendly process – of course, while staying within the BK Connect ecosystem.


The applet is designed for your specific analysis tasks, including: 

  • General sound and vibration data acquisition, analysis, and reporting
  • Time data recording
  • Batch processing of multiple sets of time recordings 
  • FFT spectrum analysis for mobility measurements, vibration diagnostics or narrowband analysis of acoustic signals
  • Standardized digital filter-based analysis using 1/3-octave for the determination of sound power levels.
  • Broadband overall analysis for characterization of noise or vibration signals
  • Stationary and non-stationary analysis
  • Analysis with different filter settings and FFT bandwidths
  • Simple and efficient reporting of results with user-definable layouts metadata 

By only including the tools and functionality you use, you get a more focused and streamlined testing and analysis process at a price in line with your needs.

Read more about the applet and download the brochure.

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