BK Connect .1, all new BK Connect applets and LAN XI Light


With the release of our new sound & vibration platform, BK Connect, we changed the rules of the testing-workflow relationship by focusing on a user-centric interface and strong team collaboration.

Release of BK Connect 2019.0

The BK Connect 2019.0 software release continues to focus on ensuring that each individual user in the measurement chain has the tools and flexibility they need across the gamut of testing needs in any workflow.

Improvements to BK Connect:

  • CANBus (OBDII and J1939) monitoring and recording
  • A Generator Setup Task that can be used in Standard Measurements
  • Monitor Recorder and Time Data Recorder
  • A simplified operator-test engineer workflow with a new Standard Processing Setup Task and a new Time Editor Task
  • Integration and Acoustic Weighting options to improve validation
  • An improved workflow for the new Matrix Calculator Task and a powerful tool for customising task layouts

Learn more: BK Connect 2019.0 

Get a free licences: Data Viewer / Virtual Hardware Setup 

Team Server

BK Connect already has a strong focus on test and measurement processes, and Team Server – a new approach to quickly, efficiently find and securely share data amongst a team – takes data management and sharing to a new level.

With traditional database-type data managers, simple requests for data can easily turn into hours of browsing through folders, files and databases – especially if the data was processed years ago and the archive is shared by many.

To help solve this problem, Team Server automatically indexes data added to projects, creating a repository of data files to offer advanced search functionality across the team working on a network of client PCs. Unlike generic document indexing systems, Team Server’s indexing makes the most of metadata, based on relevant descriptors and attributes rather than just extracting keywords. This intelligent approach delivers much greater value for teams.

Learn more: TeamServer

LAN-XI Light and a generator output channel

To facilitate data acquisition where an output channel is needed, but only a few input channels are required, Brüel & Kjær has introduced a new LAN-XI Light data acquisition module with 4 input channels and 1 output channel – LAN-XI Light Type 3677.

LAN-XI Light data acquisition modules are perfect for measurement applications that do not require more than four channels – such as quick production quality assurance measurements, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) recording or battery-operated recording in the field. This latest addition to the LAN-XI family, adds a generator output channel for applications such as modal analysis.

LAN-XI Light Type 3677 data acquisition module’s default configuration has four BNC connectors and one BNC output channel that can be used as a signal generator with frequency range from 0 to 25.6 kHz. However, this module can optionally support 200 V Microphones requiring 7-pin LEMO connectors when fitted with the appropriate front panel.

Learn more: LAN-XI-Light 

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