Geometry Creation, Testing and Analysis Software

BK Connect Geometry is a powerful tool for test geometry creation, geometry-guided structural setup and measurements, testing and finite element analysis (FEA) result animation. Includes powerful features for test planning, benefiting both test engineers and analysts.

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Geometries are essential components in structural analysis. BK Connect Geometry supports traditional test geometry functionality, but also many advanced techniques from CAE. This software is designed to handle Finite Element (FE) models with several hundreds of thousands of nodes, and of course, it easily handles typical test size geometries of less than 1.000 nodes. Additionally, large FE models can easily be decimated down to smaller test models manually or by using dedicated tools. 


  • Test planning for decimating large FE models down to smaller test models
  • Geometry-guided setup and measurements indicating where to excite and measure on the structure
  • Selecting DOFs on geometry for measurement validation before post-processing
  • Results visualization by animating ODS and mode shapes
  • Correlation of test with FE analysis results by shapes comparison


  • Basic geometry creation using nodes, trace lines, and triangle or quad elements
  • Advanced geometry creation by meshing built-in CAD models being curves, surfaces and solids
  • Import and export of test geometries in UFF or csv formats
  • Decimation of FE models down to test models manually or by using AutoMAC technique
  • Cutting planes to cut through a geometry in three user-definable 2D planes to view the interior or exclude viewing parts of the geometry – also during animation 
  • Large number of geometry views such as single, side-by-side, top-bottom and various quad views
  • Symbols for shaker, impact hammer, force transducer and accelerometer positions shown on geometry with customized colours and sizes
  • Large number of animation types such as deformed/undeformed; single, overlaid and difference animation; wireframe, contour, points and arrow animation
  • Animation of non-measured DOFs using interpolation equations
  • Animations can be saved as AVI of GIF files



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