TYPE 3677

Type 3677 - Input + Output Module

Part of the LAN-XI family, this unit is a rugged standalone, four-channel data acquisition module that includes one generator output channel and supports CCLD transducers and 200 V microphones – perfect for the lab or field.

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LAN-XI Light modules are tough data acquisition units that capture time data from up to four channels, and are ideally suited for use with BK Connect Applets, specific tools for specific tasks. All LAN-XI Light modules can be used together with Battery Module Type 2831 and Wireless LAN Frame Type 3660-A to create a portable, remote recorder. 

The default configuration of LAN-XI Light Type 3677 (4-channel input and one channel output) data acquisition module uses Front Panel UA-3100-041, which has four BNC connectors and one BNC output channel that can be used as a signal generator with frequency range from 0 to 25.6 kHz. However, Type 3677 can also use optional Front Panel UA-3102-041 to support 200 V microphones requiring 7-pin LEMO connectors.

The signal generator can be easily set up using BK Connect, controlling excitation type, frequency parameters, output level, level ramp up/down times, and burst excitation. The software supports sine (fixed frequency), stepped sine, continuous and burst random, periodic and pseudo-random, white noise and user-defined waveforms.


  • Any general sound and vibration recording and analysis, such as troubleshooting, where a single, four-channel module meets channel-count needs 
  • Production quality testing of consumer goods, such as quick pass/fail measurements according to a tolerance curve
  • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) recording under demanding conditions such as on a motorcycle on a vehicle test track
  • Battery-operated recording in the field, such as traffic noise
  • Evaluating sound quality metrics (loudness, sharpness and articulation index)
  • Generator output for structural testing such as modal analysis


LAN-XI Light’s buttons and LCD screen can be used for control and feedback. LED rings around each channel indicate its status by color. Available memory and overload displays are shown on the LCD screen.  


  • DC to 25.6 kHz input range (sampling rate 65.5 kHz) 
  • Transducer conditioning is automatically configured when using transducers with TEDS
  • Built-in home page allows remote set-up with any PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Data transfer and PoE over LAN connection
  • Powered by battery, mains, external DC, or power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Seven-hour battery can be swapped in the field
  • Output channel with full generator functionality – from 0 to 25.6 kHz 
  • Also available: LAN-XI Open Application Protocol Interface (API) – a lightweight, platform-independent interface for programming LAN-XI data acquisition hardware from your own (or third party) software.