Enhanced Vibration and Low-Frequency App

Enhance low frequency and vibration functionality on your sound level meter and vibration meter with this module.

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This option enhances functionality in Sound Level Meter BZ-7222, Frequency Analysis BZ-7223 and Enhanced Logging BZ-7225 applications. It enables infrasound and building vibration measurements to be performed according to the most important international standards.

For infrasound measurements, use low frequency microphone Type 4193 or Type 4964 optionally with the LF adaptor UC-0211. For building vibration measurements, use accelerometer Type 8344. For peak particle velocity (PPV) measurements use Type 4533 or Type 8341.


  • Environmental assessment of low frequency and infrasound sources
  • Environmental assessment of building vibration
  • Vibration site surveys for sensitive instruments
  • Monitoring of construction, tunnelling and blasting using peak particle velocity (PPV)

Having the very low frequency capability makes new measurement tasks possible, such as measuring infrasound from wind turbines and power stations.

The application can measure whether vibration levels from sources such as construction work exceed limits for human comfort. Users can use the Wm weighting according to both ISO and DIN standards.

For vibration sensitive machines, like those used in semiconductor manufacturing and sensitive measuring devices like electron microscopes, manufacturers specify the ambient vibration in which their machines can operate. Environmental consultants are called upon to make surveys of potential machine locations to establish their suitability.


  • Full suite of infrasound G-weighting parameters in accordance with ISO 7196:1995 and ANSI S1.42–2001 (R2011)
  • Full suite of building vibration parameters in accordance with ISO 8041:2005 and DIN 45669-1:2010-09
  • 1/3-octave frequency analysis down to 0.8 Hz (1/1-octave down to 1 Hz)
  • Vibration Criteria measurements using 1/3-octave velocity spectra
  • Filters for hand-arm and whole-body human vibration
  • See all low frequency sound and vibration parameters displayed in Measurement Partner Suite post-processing software

Invalid measurement due to choosing an incorrect transducer is eliminated since the instrument will warn you if there’s a need to change one.

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