Measurement exciters

Brüel & Kjær measurement exciters are designed for vibration testing with force ratings from 10n to 187n. These exciters cover a a wide range of applications; from accelerometer calibration to mobility measurement, or experimental modal analysis on small articles. In all applications our measurement exciters go beyond the accuracy and precision required by industry standards and test houses.

Explore our range of measurement exciter systems below for full instrument specifications. Or, if you have any questions, simply contact a member of the Brüel & Kjær product team today.

With unmatched experience in excitation and mechanical analysis via a wide range of test applications, Brüel & Kjær is uniquely positioned to offer high-performance measurement exciter systems for a choice of end-use scenarios.

Covering a wide range of force ratings (10 – 187 N), our range of measurement exciter systems is offered in three standard formats: a mini-shaker, a vibration exciter, and a permanent magnet vibration exciter.

Our mini-shaker is a compact electrodynamic exciter geared towards accelerometer calibration, experimental modal analysis, and small-scale vibration testing with force ratings of up to 10 N. Building on the same mentality of high performance in a small format, our vibration shaker can deliver sine forces of up to 60 N with a broad frequency range (10 Hz – 20 kHz).

At the high-end of the force rating range is our permanent magnet vibration exciter system, a powerful air-cooled shaker with maximum force capabilities of 187 N which satisfies the requirements of a range of end-use applications, from general testing to research and education.