TYPE 8400-B - 8400-F (Replaces Type 8718-A,B,C, Types 8700, 7709 and 7789)

BK Connect File Importers/Exporters and Finite Element Model Interfaces

Import and export proprietary test formats such as those used by PULSE LabShop, Test for I-deas, Sonoscout and Dactron; third-party formats such as those used by HBM and Head Acoustics; standard test formats such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, UFF and ASAM ODS; and finite element (FE) models from Nastran, Ansys and Abaqus

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These options can be added to your existing Data Viewer Type 8400 application to enable access to files from our legacy platforms, standard and third-party test formats and FE models. The data is safely transferred to and from the BK Connect platform without risking data loss or corruption, ensuring that you have continuous, seamless access to all your data, regardless of its source of origin.

Finite Element (FE) Models
The geometry models and results from finite element analysis (FEA) software, such as Nastran, Ansys and Abaqus, can be imported for Test-FEA integration. When combined with BK Connect Modal Analysis and BK Connect Correlation Analysis, this enables test planning, test validation, and model correlation.


File interfaces using standard or proprietary test formats for:

  • Exchange and comparison of data from BK Connect with data from other Brüel & Kjær systems
  • Exchange and comparison of data from BK Connect with data from third-party different systems

FE Model interfaces for:

  • Test planning, where a large FE model is reduced to a smaller manageable test model
  • Test validation, where the results from a test and an FEA are compared
  • Model correlation, where a complete correlation analysis is performed between test and FEA results


  • Import/export legacy Brüel & Kjær data files from PULSE LabShop and Reflex, PULSE Data Manager, Test for I-deas, Sonoscout and Dactron (Type 8400-B)
  • Import/export Microsoft® Excel® files and UFF files (Type 8400-B)
  • Import/export files from HBM, ASAM ODS and Head Acoustics (Type 8400-C)
  • Import Nastran (MSC, NX, NEi) FE models (Type 8400-D)
  • Import Ansys FE models (Type 8400-E)
  • Import Abaqus FE models (Type 8400-F)