TYPE 3541-A

Sound intensity calibrator

Our sound intensity calibrator enables calibration of sound intensity measuring instruments by using a coupler designed especially for the purpose.

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Intensity-probe microphones are positioned in the coupler, which in conjunction with a pistonphone simulates a plane sound wave propagating along the axis of the probe.


  • Sound intensity and particle velocity calibrations
  • Sound pressure calibration
  • Measurement of pressure-residual intensity index at 250Hz

The instrument’s sensitivity to both sound intensity and particle velocity can then be calibrated. The pistonphone can also be used for sound pressure calibrations. In addition to calibration, Type 3541-A can be used to measure the pressure-residual intensity index spectrum of instruments used for measuring sound intensity at 250Hz.

The main components of Type 3541-A are the Intensity Coupler and Pistonphone. Other components are the Correction Barometer, Dummy Microphone (1/4"), Microphone Adaptors (two), Microphone Adaptors for Pistonphone (1/2", 1/4" and 1/8"). Calibration Charts are stored in the lid.