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Поиск продукта


Уже более семи десятилетий компания Brüel & Kjær известна тем, что предлагает продукцию высочайшего качества для измерения звука и вибрации. Наши ресурсы и знания направлены на поддержку всего жизненного цикла продуктов наших клиентов от проектирования до развертывания и эксплуатации.

Supporting the full product life cycle

As we continue to develop products, that go beyond measure, our resources are now focused on supporting the entire life cycle of your products - from design to deploy and in operation. From design and development to manufacturing, deployment, and operation, we help you

  • enhance your product performance
  • reduce your time to market
  • improve your quality assurance
  • ensure legal compliance

Our highly acclaimed transducers, hand-held instruments, data acquisition systems, vibration testing equipment, and data analysis software are available as stand-alone products or complete systems - with accompanying engineering services suited to your needs.