Servicio Brüel & Kjær

Services and support

The Brüel & Kjær service and support programme is based ensuring maximum uptime, two-way dialogue, and skilled consultancy by our team of expert engineers.

Our service programme is based on three golden rules:

  • Uptime is paramount: We strive to ensure rapid, high-quality service and support
  • Dialogue: We are committed to responding promptly to all customer requests and questions and to keeping customers informed regarding service and support status so they can plan efficiently
  • Skilled team of technicians and engineers: Our staff continuously receives the latest training in order to deliver the best possible service and support

We always meet customers on their own terms, ensuring that all service and/or support issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Moreover, our engineering services and customized projects allow us to work on projects that fall outside our standard offerings.

Our services are subject to local variations. Contact your local Brüel & Kjær office for details.